Q: How do I enroll for a class?

A: Create an account, and purchase a pass or membership. Then, reserve your spot(s) for all the classes you wish to attend.

Q: What is the structure of each class?

A: Each class composes of 3 periods: an instructional lesson, puzzle solving and practice games.

Q: How do I take a trial class?

A: Purchase a Single Session Pass to try out any class.

Q: What are the class sizes?

A: Typically, 8-12 students attend each class.

Q: What day(s) do I sign up for?

A: Most students attend 1-2 days per week.

Q: How do I check-in, drop-off and pick-up my student?

A: Students check-in at the lobby, verifying your reservation and active passes. You may use our drive-up curb to drop-off and pick-up your child.

Q: What is a US Chess Membership?

A: A US Chess Membership gives the right for players to compete in US Chess rated tournaments and obtain an official rating.